Four Reasons I’m Feeling Thankful Today

Since this blog is about having a praiseful life, I can’t think of a better way to start it than to list a few reasons why I’m thankful today.

Plus, some very exciting things have happened to me lately that I want to share.

Things like . . .

1. I’m pregnant with twins!

What!? I know, I’m still in shock too! I’m 13 weeks along, and the babies are doing beautifully. They’ll be here sometime around Christmas or New Years. I can’t wait to find out their genders in about 5 weeks.

2. We’ve updated our living room . . .

For the past year and a half since we bought this house, our living room (decorating in general, really) has been on the backburner. Up until this past week, it’s been pretty bare, with pretty much just a couch, a tv, and lots of empty space all around them.

But a couple weeks ago, I guess I got the “nesting” bug early, and it manifested itself in decorating that space. We bought a second couch, and then I ordered a new rug on sale that has completely tied the room together. It’s so cozy in there now! I even bought some cheap frames to finally hang some pictures of my little boy on the wall, though I’m still working on that project.

So, now everyone has a comfortable place to sit when we have people over!

3. My baby is turning one!

In a little over a week, my baby will be one years old. I can’t believe it. We’re going to have a little family party for him, with pizza and cake.

I think I might cry. This baby has been the sweetest blessing. He is so loving and gentle-hearted, and he’s growing so fast! I’m just thankful for the honor of being his mom and look forward watching him grow even more as he moves into toddlerhood.

4. My baby takes naps in his crib now . . .

This is a new thing for us, and we’re loving it! I now have a whole hour or two in the middle of the day in which I can blog or read or get stuff done. Just amazing.

Never take your free-time for granted, folks!

What’s going on in your life today that makes you thankful? Share in the comments!

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